"Touch the Sky events is the ultimate experience! You get the BEST coordination and planning of anyone in Chattanooga and the largest crowds! But most of all these events are fun, uplifting and the comradeship we have with this group of people is like no other! We love these events and look forward to each one" - Robbie B.
"Thank u for all the hard work you and your staff put in…we have done other events with other promoters and there is no comparison…God Bless you and your staff!!!" - Michelle B.
"It was an amazing experiencing and can not wait to be a part of future events with Touch The Sky Events. Well organized and the attendees was awesome! Thank you for a complete vending experience! (Taco Festival)" - Monica G.
"I also wanted to take the time to say your events are amazing! Super organized and I love knowing the booth spot way in advance it is super helpful for vendors! Also having the ability to setup before the day of the event is super helpful as well. 
 Thank you for all the work you put into organizing your amazing events! I have never seen so many people at an event at once as I did on Saturday you do a great job marketing the events and pulling people to them!" - Mary M.
"This was my first event with Touch the sky events and my first event at Camp Jordan and wow what a fantastic experience as a vendor. Y’all have definitely gained another vendor at the events y’all coordinate especially at Camp Jordan it was just a very smooth and easy setup and from my perspective a class act staff and venue." - Steve H.
"It was our first time attending one of your events this past Saturday at the Fall Market, and I just want to say THANK YOU! We finally attended an event where all of this felt worth it!" - Andi H.
"Great organization. This is my second year participating in various TTS events. The TTS Team is well organized, very communicative, and supportive. I appreciate the advertising and subsequent turnout. Well worth one's time regardless of participating as a vendor or attendee." - Tim B.
"This was my first event with Shannon, and it will NOT be my last Amazing with advertising and easy setups!!" - Carmela G. 
"I am so excited to be part of this event (Collegedale Freedom Festival). This will be my 3rd year doing Touch The Sky Events . Shannon is the best !!! Her events are always well organized and she is great at marketing every event. If you are looking for great events you have found it with Touch The Sky .. Looking forward to a great year in 2022" - Ronald M.
"Theresa, I will say if you are going to do a show, Touch the Sky is the way to go, I did her shows last year and they will be the only ones I do from now on, top notch!!" - Lauren
"We LOVE Touch The Sky Events! You guys are our favorite event organizers to work with. We do a lot of events and when you do a few with organizers that don't quite have it together it really makes you appreciate companies like Touch The Sky Events who always have everything so nicely organized, orchestrated, and advertised! So thank you for being you!" - Cynthia
"Your events are well organized, well advertised, and always well attended. I know from experience that so much planning takes place prior to each event. Thank you for your efforts to keep the vendors happy. I love your events and meeting new and familiar faces each time. I really appreciate the fact that you created an event for "handmade" vendors. I had so much fun.
If vendors out there haven't tried your events, they really should.
I missed seeing your girls this time, but I'm sure they will be entertaining us again soon, Get some rest, you have earned it."
- Tammy R.
“Hello, my name is Connie, I’m the face painter at your event this past weekend. I just want to thank you. It was a wonderful show. Moving from West Tennessee to East Tennessee last year was uncertain but has turned out to be the best decision my husband and myself made. You are a master at putting together events. I have 30 years of participating in events and 21 of those years face painting children. Your event is second to none. Again, thank you for letting me be a part of your event!”
 "I completely agree! I have participated in other events and festivals but Touch the Sky events are also my favorite!! So wonderfully promoted and put together! The staff that works the events are so helpful and wonderful! After my very first event with you guys, I came home that night and signed up for two more! Definitely hoping to be a vendor at theses events for years to come!" - Amanda A.
"First - thank you for an amazing Fall Festival. My BEST one day event to date. And I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful booth location." - Judy C.
"We had a blast at this event and made so many new friends in the area. Our products sold like hot cakes so we are thrilled to be at future events. This event was also clean and well organized. Thank you!" - Susan H.
"We had a blast! People were correct that you put on excellent shows!!" - Kate D.
"Shannon, this event was AMAZING, I think it has been my best one yet! I would love to have #45 at the apple festival and mistletoe market also if possible. Keep doing what you're doing! You and your staff are amazing!" - Miranda M.
"Shannon, my husband and I want to thank you for another wonderful event! The turnout was incredible. We've been doing craft fairs and markets for 8+ years now, and we're thrilled that we broke our sales record yesterday. We've already signed up for several more of your events. You're the best of the best!" - Lisa T.
"Jane and I can’t wait for Apple Fest in Collegedale & look forward to seeing you!  You are definitely a dynamic young lady & fabulous event planner!" - Pat K.
"I know it’s a late little in the evening but this needs to be said! I am completely amazed and in awe of Shannon, she is amazing! This woman sets up and runs the best festivals and with such grace! I know some people are hard to deal with but she walks from situation to situation with a smile! I’m exhausted (and love it) after every event and I just run one booth, she does the whole shebang, planning and organizing, EVERYTHING! My favorite events are run by Touch The Sky Events & Promotions, LLC and it’s mostly because the amazing people (and their sweet little helpers) who run it! Shannon you are an amazing woman of God, I wanna be like you when I grow up!!" - Kristin R. (May 2021) 
"Shannon, Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  I know it’s incredibly hard work to organize these events. There are always critics out there for sure. But, I just wanted to send an encouraging word to let you know as a long time vendor, your work does not go unappreciated." Regina W.
"Shannon Thank you so much for all your hard work to make some of the best Festivals I have been able to be a food vendor in .. I have not been disappointed at any festival that you have done. I am thankful you pushed through the weather and kept us opened. The people showed up and we fed them .. Thanks again for all you do .. See you in a few weeks at the Southern Fried Food Truck Festival at the Commons in Ooltewah.." - Rose M.
"You are the best.  Only wish we could be with you there.  
Lots of Blessings to our favorite show/festival organizer.  Please keep me in your prayers (if you have a chance!)" MaryPat K.
"Luther, this is the upcoming event that I was telling you about today....
Touch The Sky Events & Promotions, LLC knows how to put on a great event that draws a huge crowd!" - Scott H.
"The 2020 Mistletoe Market was the first time I've done one of Shannon's events, and it definitely won't be the last! I've been doing craft fairs for 8 years now, and was VERY impressed with how well the event was organized and how quickly Shannon answers emails. The venue was lovely, and the spaces were very well marked so that there was no confusion about where to set up. She was readily available if vendors had any questions. The turnout and sales were great, too, even with the rain on Saturday. I've already signed up for the 2021 Mistletoe Market, along with a few other of Shannon's events. She is absolutely TOP NOTCH! From someone who has dealt with a wide range of event coordinators in the past (including a couple that were utter chaos), working with Shannon is a breath of fresh air. She is THE BEST!" - Lisa T.

"Good morning Shannon, I wanted to say thank you for all the work you did this weekend! You put together an amazing event! I had tried to come around and meet you personally, but was so busy either setting up or socializing with the customers or other vendors! We just had so much fun this weekend!  I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for staying true to your faith and opening with prayer and incorporating faith as much as possible in the event! It was a blessing! That’s one of the reasons I started my company. To share my story and encourage others as much as possible and to be able to share my faith when I can!  Which happens more often than not do to the fact that my husband is literally my biggest fan and somehow seems to tell most everyone who enters the booth, how and why I started the company and how blessed I am to be here today. Because God had this plan that if you told me 5 years ago I would be doing what I am today and have my own company I would definitely not  believed you! Hahah but I am alive and doing what I LOVE! Thank you again for everything it was great!" - Tiffany R.


"Your show was great and VERY well organized in my opinion. I was given a map of the layout and all of the info I needed in a very timely manner." - Kim R. 

"We would like to tell you how much we enjoyed the show this weekend. It being our 1st show with you guys we did not know what to expect and ya'll blew it out of the water. We would love to come back to the mistletoe market and would love to have the same booth space." - Cindy P.

"Good afternoon, Shannon! We just wanted to say what an absolutely wonderful time we had today at The Fall Market!! I attended Christmas in Cambridge Square last year with a friend, she was craft vending and I was assisting, so we had an idea of what to expect and you and your staff do not disappoint! It was one of the best organized events we’ve attended. Thank you for quickly fixing our power issue this morning and helping move our tent, it’s more than we could have asked for. We’ll definitely be signing up ASAP for the Apple Festival (please no free booth) and would love the same spot we had today if you’re able! Amazing event coordinator! Highly recommended! " - Ashley F.

"Hello. I was fortunate enough to go to the recent Knoxville women’s expo. It was a wonderful experience. There was a wonderful pure romance vendor there that I would really like to get in touch with. Do you happen to have her contact information? Thank you so much." - Women's Expo Customer

"We greatly enjoyed your recent health and fitness expo - it was such a great experience all around I even left you a positive google review. As of late Knoxville has been starving for good event planners to come in who actually know how to market well and put on a great show." - Faith

 "We appreciate and LOVE all the events that we have attended as vendors. The integrity and love you pour into your events is felt! Thank you so much." - Ashley G.

 "There were several things I liked about this event.

1. It was laid out so well!
2. There were more craft type vendors than business type vendors, which is what most people go to these events to see.
3. There was a great variety of vendor types.
4. Plenty of parking.
Great job, Touch The Sky Events & Promotions, LLC! Well done!" - Paula H. (happy customer from Christmas on Cambridge Square)

 "Hi Shannon, can you please place Carol’s Kitchen on the waiting list for this event. We had a fabulous time today and love your events." - Sherry S. 

 "Hi Shannon, I just wanted to say thanks for having us at the Sweet Tea & Sunshine Festival. We had a great time - your staff and patrons made us feel right at home. We especially enjoyed interacting with the kids at our last show - we do seem to make an impression on the little ones, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We appreciate how well the event was organized. It was a breeze for us to get in, park, set up, tear down, and exit. Definitely one of the best experiences we've had. I hope you and your patrons enjoyed having us as much as we enjoyed being there! If we can do anything for you in the future, please let us know. And congratulations on putting together such a successful, enjoyable event. All the best, Mark."

 "The Pet Expressions of Loudon. We enjoyed sweet tea in Cleveland and feel we are good fit from the outstanding response we had with customers. thanks in advance" - Rick S.

 "This is my favorite event the entire year each year (Sweet Tea & Sunshine).  Thank you, thank you for giving us the same booth as last year. You do such a great job and you are a very good steward of your talents.  I appreciate you and your family and your witness.   I promote Sweet Tea and your other events with other vendors I know and meet -- especially when I can see their product is a good fit for your event even if I know mine may not fit a particular one." - Mari Y.

 "The Expo was a hit! By far the best event that I’ve been a part of. Looking forward to the next event." - Morgan H.

 "Vendor this past weekend with you and had the best show and Great turn out. Thank you so much. You worked very hard and we appreciate you!" - Tammy W

 "Thank you for doing such an outstanding job with the event this past weekend.  I wanted to let you know that I will sign up this week to be part of next year as well.  Vendors would be crazy not to sign up!  Don’t want anyone to take my Pampered Chef spot!  Thanks again!" - Robbie V.

 "I want to tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you put into this event. It was beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to participate.

But above all else, God’s goodness that is seen within you and your family is an inspiration to all of us." - Jamie P.

 "First off I would LOVE to be put on the waiting list and can pay in full immediately. Honestly I want to participate in every market that you host in future... I want to tell you that my experience on Saturday at Cambridge Square was fantastic. It was the most well run event I have seen in my 10 years of experience. A long term Chattanooga Market vendor, Tennessee Craft Fair, Indie Craft Experience, Renegade Craft.... you guys... by far are the best. All of the other vendors I spoke with had a great day as well. So keep it up thank you and I look forward to meeting you!" - Alex N.

 "Christmas on Cambridge Square was one of the best vendor events I've been apart of. I decided to see how that one went before I signed up for another. Well I waited too late. :) If you have a waiting list, please place me on it for a spot in the Gym at The Mistletoe Market. Thanks and have a blessed day." - CMB

  "Loved yesterday's event as well and appreciate the amazing organization that went into this festival and all the advertising." - Melisa M.

 "Thank you for a wonderful day! It was a pleasure to be a part of this event. Looking forward to the next one!" - Michelle D.

 "A big thank you for an amazing event!! Wow! Touch The Sky Events & Promotions, LLC coordinators really thought of everything and went out of your way, thank you! We are excited for and already booked next year and looking forward to it. Thank you so much and it was nice to meet you Shannon and your sweet little family!! Many blessings!"- Brandy R.

"Hi Shannon! You are doing a really good job in promoting the show! Thank you for all of your efforts and I look forward to meeting you Saturday!" - Andrea L.

 "Thank you Shannon & Jason Wright for a great weekend! I just want you to know that all of your hard work that goes into your events is very much appreciated! Looking forward to upcoming events!" - Barbara R.

 "Thank you Shannon! I have many of your events and have 3 future events booked. Thank you for all of your hard work and kindness." - Debi L.

 "I live in North Carolina and it's worth the trip to be a Vendor at Touch the Sky Events." - Sharon M. 

"I just wanted to personally say thank you for having me as a vendor at the Junkin' It! Craft & Vintage Market. I had a great time and met a lot of new people and made some good money but it wouldn’t of happened without your hard work. I just would like to personally thank you for everything that you do and you really put your heart and soul into it. You’re really good at what you do I think you found your calling. I hope you were taking some time to rest and regroup." - Lori S. 

"I just want say how organized the festival set up was and how everyone was safe crossing the busy road at the school. Thanks for everyone's hard work." - Karen D.

"Also wanted to let you know the sweet tea festival was awesome! Thanks for working so hard and having it so organized!" - Ginger A.

"I just wanted to tell you how much fun I had this weekend. The event was great and we had perfect weather with the exception of a little wind. I would love to participate next year and any other events you are having it was very organized and not stressful at all, you did a great job." - Cindy M.

"This is Adam & Heather from Squeezies Lemonade.  We just wanted to thank you again for having us be apart of the Sweet Tea and Sunshine Festival this year. 
You and your staff were all a pleasure to work with and everyone was so hospitable!    Please keep us in mind for future events and we would love to be invited back for next year’s Sweet Tea and Sunshine festival."

"To those of you that are interested, I highly recommend working with this company. Shannon works her butt off and she promotes the heck out of her events and she runs a tight ship. She’s very organized, everything goes so smoothly and she is so sweet and nice and a joy to work with. She is a good Christian woman; I did her event at the expo center this past fall and it was my first big event and it could not have gone better, thanks to Shannon!" - Lori S.

"Thank you! You are the best coordinator I've worked with thus far as far as advertising and planning. I really appreciate that!!!!" - Sherry P.


"I loved your event, we well done, advertised, and attended. I have done so many show, I know when there is a good promoter. Anytime you want Chocolate in the Knox area, please just let me know. You have it going on." - Shannon S. 


"Hi, I popped in here after looking up the Mistletoe Market post for the Cleveland (Jr. High) thing on the 18th. Just wanted to say how WONDERFUL the Market was. Drove from Dalton, GA (not too far, but chose Cleveland instead of Chatt because of the promoting!). This is the best holiday market I've been to in years--of any size. Loved everything about it, particularly the fact that an actual festive, holiday "atmosphere" was everywhere. Great job and already looking forward to next year!" - Terri O.

"Hi Shannon! Last weekend’s Mistletoe Market in Cleveland was a phenomenal experience! It was my first time as a vendor and it was amazing! Sales were excellent and I had the opportunity to meet new people, network and establish new connections! You and your family are amazing! Thank you for making my first time experience one that I’ll never forget." - Audra J.


"I want to Thank you for the great experience we had at Knoxville expo. It was a great calm feeling the whole week end. Many venders commented on how comfortable it was. I hope to be at all your events whenever possible. Thank you for listening to our Christ Jesus in your life work. You have a precious family. See you soon." - Nylayne V.


"I love that Shannon Wright runs a faith based business and uses the funds to help support Women's Ministries. Her marketing skills are superb and I am so looking forward the LulaPalooza in March!!" - Bev U.

"Thank you so much for all of your hard work putting on a great and perfectly organized event for the Rocky Top Craft Fair. Veteran Grown was thrilled to be a part of it and we were so happy with the turnout!!!" - Margaret F. 

"Thank you so much for having us this weekend!! We had a wonderful show and look forward to working with you again! Thanks!!" - Dawn

"Thank you so much for putting on a really great event, I really enjoyed being a part of it!" - Krista C. (Shop the Rocky Top Fall Craft Show)

"Hey there! I've heard your lularoe event this past weekend was a huge hit!!! Will you be hosting anymore throughout the year and if so what are the requirements to join? Thanks!" - Lauren F.

"Your events always look so fun – just put me down for all of them!" - Donna D.

"Shannon I just heard someone got saved this weekend there! What a blessing love hearing what God is doing through your life and everyone around! Keep on keeping on!" - Johnna S.

"Hi Shannon -
I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the marketing promotions you are posting for the Summertime in the Smokies event. Truly professional! My husband and I will be attending the show as part of the Authors Guild of Tennessee group. I will certainly share your postings on my Facebook page, my author page. Looking forward to meeting you soon!" - Gaile H.

"Thank you for all your hard work, you pulled off the best first year festival that we've ever done, and that's no small feat. We look forward to working with you in the future." - Jenn W.

"Just wanna give a quick shout-out to Shannon Wright, who did an outstanding job organizing and promoting the first ever Sweet Tea & Sunshine event. Thank you very much Shannon! We are very excited about participating in your future events!" - Alan R.

"We enjoyed the festival and want to thank everyone from Cleveland and the surrounding area that come out and stopped by our tent. It was a great weekend. Hats off to Shannon and Touch The Sky Events & Promotions for an amazing event for its first year." - Mari Y.

"Your shows are always so packed and such a delight!" - Margaret S.

"To all my crafter friends check this out and share with your craft friends. Shannon Wright promotes her shows very well and is Very vendor friendly. Thanks Shannon your awesome!" - Tim R.

​"Your event was so organized--I loved it.  Others are pretty chaotic." - Jackie P.

"I just wanted to let you know how much AliKat Designs & Bead Babes enjoyed participating in your Holiday event this past weekend.  We were very impressed with your organization & how well the show was managed.  We really had a great day...including sales. I hope you will put us on your contact list for future events you plan. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas Season & Happy New Year!!!" - Lisa L.

"Hey Shannon! I'm excited for the Cleveland event. I think the Rhea County one very well set up and I appreciated all the little touches you did (like the goodie bags and popcorn)." - Tina W.

"Thank you to all that came! We enjoyed meeting everyone. Great space, traffic, and vendors"- Ali C.

"This is going to be a FABULOUS event!!!! Utterly fabulous!" - Lisa B.

"Had a great time today!! Can't wait for future events" - Kelle L.

"Thanks so much for a great job today at our school! I was really surprised with all the vendors! Really enjoyed it!" - Connie M.

"This was very well organized, I enjoyed it and would like to see it become an annual event." - Janet M.

"Great! Looking forward to this show!!! You did a fantastic job with the Cleveland show when I was there. Appreciate your hard work putting this together!" - Connie

"You are the best event promoter ever!" - Tom B.
"I love Shannon's events. I keep checking her website for new postings!" - Tiffany W.

"Shannon goes above and beyond and is excellent at what she does." - Michelle

"I SO appreciate your quick responses and Christian-based events." - Janet

"I love your events and so excited to be apart of it!  Thank you!" - Tiffany W.

"It was so great talking with you yesterday! I have been telling everyone how pleasant you are and all about your events. We can't wait to come down and see the area and we are excited to become part of your events." - Tarrah

"We love doing your shows and how organized you are with them." - Teri L.

"Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you for years to come!!!" - Andrea W.

"First I want to say thank you Shannon & Jason for all the hard work you and Jason put into this event. I know it is not an easy job, but you both made it very easy for us vendors. It was a great event. I am blessed because I got to promote my book, Destiny's Journey and had a chance to pray with several people and made some fantastic contacts for future speaking engagements." - Darlene U.

"Just want to say even though I'm not able to make it to this venue Shannon Wright is an amazing event planner. I met her this year 2017. Could not ask for a better event planner she knows her stuff . Hoping everybody has a wonderful weekend." - LaDonna R. 

"Shannon you work so hard! I love your events! See you in Knoxville!" - Tiffany W.

"Shop the Rocky Top was great! I doubled my usual sales." - Traci W.

"I am finally registering for your awesome event! I hope to get to work with you as I’ve heard so many wonderful things!" - Sunny M.

"Your events are always THE BEST!" - Regina W.